Experience - Borehole Drilling Services in Zimbabwe

Boreholes are effective ways of tapping into the water-bearing aquifer below the ground and pumping the water to the surface in Zimbabwe. 

Boreholes for extracting water consist essentially of a vertically drilled shaft, and a strong lining (Borehole Casing) to prevent the collapse of the walls, which includes a means of allowing clean water to enter the borehole space (screen), surface protection, and a means of extracting water. 
Experience - Borehole Drilling Services in Zimbabwe
Experience - Borehole Drilling Services in Zimbabwe
The exploitation of groundwater is a complicated process involving sinking a narrow shaft into the ground to reach the aquifer using a drilling rig. Failure is sometimes experienced when carrying out borehole drilling operations or when using installed borehole systems. 

These failures are caused by several complications which may arise from poor maintenance and rehabilitation of boreholes, lack of expertise poor choice of technology, and poor supervision of the drilling project.

In order to prevent these complications, the following measures must be taken:
  1. Proper Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Borehole, 
  2. Proper pump installation and maintenance, 
  3. Proper supervision of borehole projects, 
  4. The use of appropriate drilling technology and 
  5. The standardisation of borehole design and drilling process.

We drill and maintain water boreholes for commercial and residential clients across Zimbabwe. We have decades of drilling experience, maintain our own fleet of drilling rigs, and can rapidly respond to all your water supply needs.

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