About - AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling is one of Zimbabwe’s leading Borehole Drilling Companies specialising in Borehole Siting, Borehole Drilling and Borehole Installations. 

As Chartered Environmental Engineers, we can provide extensive assistance and expert advice on all land drilling processes and regulatory requirements. We operate a diverse range of specialist Borehole Drilling Rigs and Equipment, which enables us to meet the specific needs of customers in the domestic, agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors.

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling has both the technical knowledge and specialist equipment required to carry out even the most complex drilling projects. 

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling complies with all industry and environmental standards.
About - AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!
About - AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!
Key personnel within AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling have such specialist knowledge, that they provide consultative support and training for the Environment Agency regarding best practice drilling procedures.

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling has a commitment to excellence that is reflected in the implementation of market-leading drilling techniques and the many patents we hold for our innovative and high-performance drilling equipment. 

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling operates to the highest safety standards at all times to mitigate potential risks to the health and wellbeing of onsite personnel.

AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling Is One Of Zimbabwe’s Leading Borehole Drilling Companies Specialising In Borehole Siting, Borehole Drilling and Borehole Installations.

WhatsApp: +263 77 460 7351
Address: 16911 Old SPCA Complex Unit 2,Seke Road, Graniteside.