Borehole Drilling in Harare with AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!

When it comes to drilling a water well on your property, the hope is always that there won’t be any obstacles between the surface of the ground and the water resource you are trying to reach. 

Unfortunately, not every property owner gets lucky in that regard. It’s not always easy to access an aquifer or groundwater source. Sometimes, there could be a layer of hard rock serving as a barrier between the surface and the water. 

Hiring Borehole Drillers in Harare for this kind of scenario is not easy, simply because drilling through hard rock requires equipment that not every water Borehole Driller has.

Borehole Drilling in Harare:

If you need hard rock drilling in Harare, look no further than AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling. While we can’t necessarily guarantee that we will be able to get through the rock layer on your property, we will certainly try. With extremely heavy-duty drilling equipment, plentiful industry experience and a long track record of success, we will do everything we can to help you install a water well on your property.

Indeed, one of the things we are known for at AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling is our ability to find water on difficult properties. On many occasions, customers have called us to get a second opinion, either after working with other drilling companies or trying to drill their own water wells. In some cases, these customers can’t find water sources and aren’t even sure if there are usable aquifers on their property. In other cases, they encounter rock layers or other obstacles that make it difficult to proceed without superior equipment.

In either case, we are happy to lend a hand. Even if you believe your property to be a non-plentiful area, we will gladly provide a second opinion. We can perform hydrogeological and electromagnetic surveys, to determine whether there are water resources we can tap for a well. If there is water on the property, we will try drilling with our modern equipment fleet. In most cases, we can get through rock layers to achieve successful water bore drilling in Harare.

Choose AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling as Your Drilling Contractors in Harare:

Reducing or eliminating your reliance on municipal water is a way to save money and improve the reliability of your water resource. If you are interested in drilling a well on your property, call AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling
Borehole Drilling in Harare with AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!
Borehole Drilling in Harare with AquAmanzi Borehole Drilling!
Whether your property is water-rich and easy to drill or non-plentiful and covered in rock, we will see what we can do to find and access a water resource. No matter what, you will know for sure after working with us whether water well is a practical option for you. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our equipment and our capabilities for surveying and water drilling in Harare.

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